CD 'Let Go' Press Quotes

RakenDra Smit, Muziekwereld: 

'With the clear sound of her voice, technical skills and the ability to translate all about letting go of loved ones to music, Thaïsa Olivia leaves us deeply impressed with her album.' 

Deborah J. Carter, USA. (Jazz vocalist):

'Through this selection of songs, ranging from her own composititions to tastefully arranged standards, Thaïsa tells her story in a way that is uniquely hers; with a melange of colors, styles, musing and some surprises. A lovely ride!'

Matthew Warnock, Review You:

'While there are many current singers who enjoy singing tunes out of the Great American Songbook in a traditional style, others, such as the talented singer Thaïsa Olivia, prefer to move between the old and the new in their arrangements and vocal interpretations.  Olivia brings her unique voice and personalized approach to jazz on her album Let Go, and the results are absolutely first rate'.

'There is something to be said for taking expectations and throwing them out the window, as long as the end result is entertaining and successful, which this album absolutely is. Fans of jazz vocalists, both traditional and modern, will find something to enjoy on these 10 well-thought out and expertly performed tracks'.

Dan MacIntosh, Review You:

'She vocalizes as though rock & roll, and a whole myriad of other musical styles, never even happened. Instead, she voices torch songs the way they were meant to be sung – over jazz arrangements'.

‘You’d hardly guess she was not a homegrown American vocalist by the sound of Let Go'.

'The musicianship is extremely American, with plenty of traditional jazz intrumentation throughout and finds Olivia scatting fast and accurately, in a way that would even make Ella Fitzgerald proud'.

'Olivia is a wonderful retro jazz vocalist and Let Go is a treat for fans of beautifully sung jazz’.

Wildy Haskell, Review You:

‘Thaïsa Olivia displays a distinctive talent for phrasing and interpretation on Let Go. Coupled with a deep, warm alto sound that is exceedingly pleasant to listen to, Olivia leaves a strong impression on all whose ears are within range of her voice'.

'Showing a level of control and precision that's impressive, while maintaining an unexpected warmth’.

'Her rendition of Cy Coleman's "With Every Breath I Take" will probably rank as one of the finest renditions of that song outside of the Original Broadway Cast Recording'.

‘Her ability to sell a song will ensure that audiences never walk away dissatisfied’.

Alex Henderson, Review You:

‘She is a charming and expressive singer’.

‘Olivia has good, clean articulation’.

'Olivia has no problem using the English language to get her points across emotionally'.

Nick De Riso, Review You:

'There’s isn’t much she won’t try, and that keeps the album from falling into a rut of expectation’.

Heath Andrews, Review You:

‘What vocalist Thaïsa Olivia does with the songbook is exciting and original’.

‘Though she draws on some familiar names like Cole Porter and Quincy Jones, Olivia gives them her own jazzy interpretations while juxtaposing them with some excellent pieces of original music.  Accompanying her beautiful, powerful, and even sultry voice are an equally talented group of musicians, all of whom are responsible for making Olivia's album, Let Go, a tremendous recording'.

'Let It Go is the result of what happens when you amass a talented group of musicians, and let them play out time-tested songs along with ones they wrote based off their love and appreciation for that kind of music.  As terrific as Thaïsa Olivia is as a vocalist, she's also found herself one of the best possible backing bands a vocalist could ever ask for.  Even at its slowest and sparsest moments, someone gives a performance to draw the listener into the song, and keep them there until it ends.  Letting go can be a tough thing to do, but it's even more difficult when something is this well done'.

Peter Goldsmith Productions, New York:

'It is, you are, delightful, beautiful, moving, sincere and a very special collection of music. It is playing as I write this.... Thank You'