Performing in The Netherlands or abroad... I love to sing, wherever I go! Besides working with my band, the Thaïsa Olivia Quartet and as a free lance singer in and out of Amsterdam, I had the chance over the last three years to work with several amazing New York musicians at some very nice venues in New York, while enjoying this metropole to the max. A big thank you goes out to all who support me, from close by or afar :-).

I recently was able to add the sophisticated Kitano Jazz Club to the NYC menu, where I performed with a wonderful NY trio for a very positive crowd. Another definite highlight was performing in New Orleans, singing o.a at the legendary Spotted Cat Music Club! All in an experience I'll never forget. What a special and inspiring place New Orleans was and is, to always return to. We've also been on our first Canary Island/Spain tour with the Thaïsa Olivia Quartet and totally loved it! Performing in the sun under blue skies, surrounded by incredible vulcano's, palm trees and lots of friendly people was a real treat. 

I finished a voice and piano duo cd recording which was waiting to be done and created a trio cd for my new program to come, stay tuned...

I'm looking forward to follow up on all these great experiences and many more to come, in the new year! And, a new website will be in the making. 

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To a happy and swinging 2020!

Thaïsa Olivia    


                                                                                     Foto: Lionne Hietberg